Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

 It's Thursday and I'm thankful!

I'm thankful for Weight Watchers. Started the week before Thanksgiving and feeling wonderful. Almost 20lbs down baby! 

I'm thankful for this quote i saw the other day. "Think before you speak and you'll thank" Maybe just maybe I'm not the best at remembering this and maybe just maybe I need to really work on this. Well since this quote popped in my face the other day It has stuck. I truly believe that this is something I will put my heart into in 2011.

and lastly this week I'm thankful for my wonderful wonderful boyfriend! Feeling very grateful for the things he does for me. I might be a bag of emotions recently and somehow this amazing man knows how to get me back to smiling. Thank you lord for sending me such an amazingly loving man in my life! 

Hope you are feeling thankful this Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. glad to follow you and so proud of you doing Weight Watchers! I am doing my own workouts with Jillian Michaels dvd's and loving it! See you soon! I am thankful for YOU!