Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm in love.

Ok ya'll I am unbelievably happy. I've had a Keurig on my Wish list for over a year now but because of the price I always passed it up...yet still kept it on my list for that day I might find a lot of money or hit the lottery. :) Obviously those things have not happened...this Pre-K teacher doesn't make that kind of money. However my sweet sweet boyfriend surprised me with one this weekend. You would have thought the boy brought home a Mercedes! I squealed and jumped and hopped and all sorts of other moves. Let me tell you this thing is amazing, I can enjoy a cup of yumminess in about one minute or less. That's right one minute or less. I'm looking forward to trying all these yummy flavors and blends. I'm currently enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate...yummy!

Happy Tuesday!

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