Monday, January 23, 2012

We've been busy!

Woo wee, we have been very busy this month! We had freezing rain last night (yuck) so we had a delayed opening...does anyone else love delays? I feel like I have more time to primp, watch old shows like Home Improvement & Saved By The Bell  and have a little extra coffee!! It's still raining here tonight and it's awfully foggy...maybe another delay in the morning? (I'm not getting my hopes up!) 

 We've been busy recently doing all things winter in our classroom! The kiddos have been enjoying all the winter centers we have right now. I snapped some pictures of my sweeties in action, please disregard the crummy iphone photos it's hard to snap pictures with out there little faces in them.

 This little  center is to reinforce number recognition and counting. The students have a bin of buttons and must place the correct amount of buttons on the snowman. So simple, yet so fun!
 Marshmallow Counting is a FAVORITE!
          This little center I didn't make but it is super cute! Uppercase & Lowercase matching From Child Care Land.

We read the book The Jacket I Wear In The Snow when we discussed winter wear. Each student had a chance to draw something they wear in the snow, this little cutie chose boots! I'm so tickled at how well some of them can write, I hope their Kindergarten teachers are proud. :)

 We used these super cute pieces to re-tell the story. This was a HUGE hit with everyone. You can snag these pieces at the Making Learning Fun website!!
 Today we celebrated the Chinese New Year, oh what fun we had! I didn't take too many pictures but we really did have a blast doing all sorts of celebrating. We ate snack on our Chinese place mats, made dragons, drank tea, graphed who liked fortune cookies and who didn't and learned how to say Happy New Year in Chinese! Happy Monday loves!

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