Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dollar Store Love.

Who the heck let me step foot in the Dollar Tree?

Oh my word. I was in town today running some errands when I realized how close I was to the Dollar Tree. So I just had to make my way over there hoping to find a few goodies. Ok, so a few might have turned into a lot. (Proof below) I know my boyfriend is wondering where I’m going to store all of this until I can get back into my room. So if you haven’t been to the Dollar Tree yet get yourself over there pronto. I can’t wait to put all of this stuff to use in the classroom! Happy Thursday everyone!

p.s. Sorry for the crummy phone pictures.


  1. I've been avoiding the Dollar Tree on purpose because I know I'll buy too much! I have to ask, what are those cute green and white polka dot things?

    PS: Don't go to the Target dollar section!! A few goodies from there also turns into a whole lot more.

    Alicia :)

  2. The green and white polka dot things are trays! i plan on using them for centers :) I love Target dollar section too..actually any dollar section :)