Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Break...WOO HOO!

Hello Christmas Break :)

I seriously feel for any of y'all who still have to teach tomorrow and especially to the ones who have to teach until FRIDAY! I began my break today at 1:00pm after our very adorable Christmas pageant. My sweet babies did a great job singing their songs for their parents. I was all sorts of tired after the program that I came home and took a nice long nap.  Now on to other business... 

A big thank you to the sweet Erin @ Creating & Teaching for giving me the Liebster blog award! Thanks SO much Erin for thinking about me! If you haven't checked out her adorable blog go over right now and check it out. She's a fellow Pre-K teacher and always has adorable ideas and freebies. :)

I'm Leaving you with Pictures of the cards we made to be sent home with our parent gifts. Nothing really special but maybe they can help someone out there in blog world. The inspiration came from Pinterest  but had no source. We just used scarpbooking paper scraps and cut them to different lengths. I'm big on the kids making their crafts and looking kid made so not all are perfection but that's what makes me smile :) You Will also notice some of the other things we made these last few days like pine cone ornaments and macaroni wreaths.

A very merry Christmas to all my sweet bloggy friends! Have a safe and enjoyable break and try not to think about school (let's get serious)!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting Messy!

Tis' the season for messes! We've been super busy decorating our room with lots of messy things! We ended our messy crafts with my favorite activity CANDY HOUSES! Mmmmm... icing and candy overload = Cah-razzy kiddos!  We had a blast creating these monstrous icing houses. :) 

Yummy Yummy! Had the edit this sweet babies face out, so not why be stylish with it ;)

We  were busy talking about reindeer this week! We charted what we knew about reindeer and what we wanted to learn about reindeer. We brainstormed foods we should feed reindeer, boy did I get some sweet answers for that one. My favorite was " mommy juice" aka wine! Took all I had not to let a little giggle out! We ended our reindeer unit making our magic reindeer food, we can't stop talking about it and are beyond ready to sprinkle it on Christmas Eve! Sorry for the sideways picture, bloggers giving me problems with that today!

Have a fab rest of the week, t minus 3 days and I am on Christmas Break! woooooooo hoooo

Monday, December 12, 2011

A little this....A little that.

So uhhhh yeah I've been a horrible blogger! I have been beyond crazy BUSY and I've hardly had enough time to blog stalk...hopefully once Christmas break rolls around I will have a chance to catch up and spend some more time on this lonely ol' blog. Until then here's a picture "dump" of what we've been up to! Happy Monday sweet friends!

Were rockin' this adorable door as your enter our classroom all thanks to Pinterest! You can follow this link to see my inspiration. Of Course there's looks so much better!

 I love these ornaments SO much! I got this inspiration from Pinterest again however there was no original link so if it's your idea... I LOVED it! I put my own spin on the idea and allowed the kids to put fake snow or red glitter inside...some went cah-razy of course! I think our parents will love them!

 We did a little counting with this Christmas tree activity. We decorated our trees with sequins and stickers and then counted how many ornaments were on our trees! We loved this activity!
We also made these seriously cute macaroni wreaths!

& lastly I made this yummy Christmas white trash recipe this weekend and I just can't stop eating it! It's delish, I got the inspiration from this blog here but kind of made the recipe my own and added peanuts and cheerios and some powdered sugar to top it off. Talk about Addicting!