Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting Messy!

Tis' the season for messes! We've been super busy decorating our room with lots of messy things! We ended our messy crafts with my favorite activity CANDY HOUSES! Mmmmm... icing and candy overload = Cah-razzy kiddos!  We had a blast creating these monstrous icing houses. :) 

Yummy Yummy! Had the edit this sweet babies face out, so not why be stylish with it ;)

We  were busy talking about reindeer this week! We charted what we knew about reindeer and what we wanted to learn about reindeer. We brainstormed foods we should feed reindeer, boy did I get some sweet answers for that one. My favorite was " mommy juice" aka wine! Took all I had not to let a little giggle out! We ended our reindeer unit making our magic reindeer food, we can't stop talking about it and are beyond ready to sprinkle it on Christmas Eve! Sorry for the sideways picture, bloggers giving me problems with that today!

Have a fab rest of the week, t minus 3 days and I am on Christmas Break! woooooooo hoooo

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