Monday, November 14, 2011

hodge podge.

Life's been really busy recently, between book fairs, meetings, fundraisers, picture day and all the craziness this time of the year brings. I'm exhausted y'all, It's not even 10pm and this girl is ready for bed. So this post is going to be a catch up of sorts to show you a few things we've been doing...i really need to remember to pull out my camera more. Here's a hodge podge of pictures, hope you enjoy. As always let me know if you have any questions...Here's to a great week!

We made Spooky Halloween Snack Mix for our Halloween Party! It was so fun to make and eat, we named the different foods spooky names. (m&m's were eyeballs and other silly things.)I love that we 
can celebrate Halloween in our classrooms :)
 We spent several days talking about scarecrows and farm things! Who would of known they would love 
talking and reading about scarecrows. They now fight for the scarecrow books in the library :) Love those kind of moments.

 We also made these seriously cute soldiers from Kim Adsit's Hooray for Veterans Day packet
which you can find on TPT. The kids LOVED it. We also made this adorable banner outside our classroom, we love our troops that's for sure :)